Your Website Is Your Best Employee

Written by Igor Lubinets

Today I would like to talk to you about a perfect employee: your own website

Think about it for a second, we spend a lot of time carefully looking for the right people to help us run our business.  We put up multiple ads to make sure that we get the best people for the job.  The most important one, the job of supporting and improving our business.  Only the owners truly know what the company is all about, and where it is going.

Only the owners truly care about the long-term success of the company and about attracting and keeping clients.  Only the owners and … the perfect employees.


we don’t live in the perfect world, and there are no perfect employees.  Sure, you can spend countless hours and days training and motivating your staff to produce the results you want.  You can “bribe” them with bonuses or “influence” them through the fear of losing their jobs.

But it will only take you so far.  People change.  Those that might have been a perfect fit for you last year, might now be a detriment to your business.  Goals change, situations change, stuff happens, children are born…

One solution is to clone yourself

Just imagine for a second, that you could just clone yourself and hire that person to help you run your business.  Wouldn’t that be a treat!  That would solve all your problems!  That “second you” will surely have the same motivation and will understand you even before you opened your mouth.  In fact, you could schedule him/her to run your business while you could take care of other things.  It would not cost you much to have that person around, since they would just be using the same resources you are already using.  You could share domicile, food, habits, dreams, etc.


Of course, you might think, where is he going with this?  Why do I need to fantasize about these silly things?  I just need to find someone to help me grow my business.  Well, I think I have a perfect answer to your prayers.  Your website is that clone!  Let me say that again,

Your perfect employee is Your Website

In many regards your website is even better than your clone.  Why?  Ok, let’s examine it.  Your website never needs to sleep or eat, it can work 24/7/365 schedule and never get tired.  It is always highly motivated and is ready to handle as many clients as one can throw at it.  It can accommodate any needs and answer any questions your customers might have.  It is smart about knowing where your visitors are coming from and what products they are interested in.  Your website also knows when to remind them to come back and check out some special offers you might have.  It also knows how to handle complaints and educate your customers about the benefits of choosing your services.  And most likely, your website doesn’t charge by the hour and even if there is an initial setup fee, stretched over time, it is negligible compared to a real employees.

Don’t forget

Now, by just having any website, you will probably not get the characteristics listed above by default.  You still need someone to help you “mold” the website, educate it in the arts of your business.  This is where Webilect comes in.  I will use my efficient strategy to understand your needs, and will develop a detailed blueprint for creating that perfect virtual employee that you need.

That perfect employee is not just your website, it is more of all encompassing term for your social media presence, analytics, integration with third-party services and a number of custom solutions.  In order to successfully create “the website”, I can utilize any of those and more!

You are welcome to Contact me to get a free consultation and start “growing” your own perfect employee!