I thought WordPress was supposed to be easy? What’s going on?

Written by Igor Lubinets

You heard that WordPress was supposed to be easy. So what’s going on? Why does it still feel like it is hard to make it do what you want sometimes?

Basically out of the box, WordPress is pretty barebones. It has the basic functionality, mostly for blogging by default. But most likely, you don’t need just a blog. You need a CMS (Content Management System) with infinite flexibility and ease of use.

Well, there is good news and bad news for you

The good news is

WordPress is easy, once you get into the right frame of mind. There are thousands of plugins and themes you can choose and basically whatever feature you can think of — there is a plugin for that. Plugins are easy to install and most are easy to use.  You will often hear other WordPress users out there give one another advice in terms of the plugins they use.  They will say, for contact forms use Gravity Forms or Contact 7, or for search engines use SEO plugin by Yoast.  Once you hear the name of the plugin, you can then investigate and start using it.  If you run into problems there is always an answer out there.

The bad news is

WordPress has thousands of plugins and themes. Since most of the plugins are created by different people and for different purposes, there is no plugin that will fit your needs exactly. It may do 90% of what you need it to do, but not the 100% you were hoping for. If you you think about it, no product is 100% compatible with your business. Everything must be customized to some degree. Even if you use one of those Website Builders out there.

The real bad news 

It takes time for you to figure out which plugins will work for you or how to make them work for you.
If you’re technically inclined and have the time to learn, you should be fine. If not, you can contact us me here at Webilect and I can help you with your struggle.

I can create custom plugins that fit your needs exactly

The bottom line is

WordPress is easy, but the difficult part is getting it set up with all these plugins out there.
If you know what plugins to use and have minimal technical ability, you should not have any problems. Setting up and customizing your WordPress site will be fairly easy. If you are new to WordPress or don’t have the time, then you need someone to show you the ropes first.  I only recommend the battle-tested plugins to my clients.