Website as the best investment

Written by Igor Lubinets

A well-built and thought out website is the best investment your business can make.  Talking about “best bang for your buck”, custom-built website is where it’s at.

Your website is most likely the first impression for most of your customers.  When they hear about you, the first thing they do is google your name.  Then they navigate to your website.

The First Impression

Did you know that the first impression is the most important one?  Very rarely you get a chance to change someone else’s perception.  It may take years to do that.  So, if you want to attract your customers, you better strike the right notes right from the get go.

When dealing with someone face to face, it will probably be your reputation first, then your appearance, how you hold yourself, etc.  In the online world, it is your website.  Very simple.  And we are not just talking about the way it looks.  There are many different points each of us is using to gauge if the website is a good one.  For some people it is all about the eye candy, for someone else it is about finding relevant info, and someone else might like the typography and colors, etc.  The point is, you cannot please everybody, but you can absolutely please your target audience.

If you are in the business of online shopping, then photography is your best ally.  If you are an information resource, you have to pick the right typography and layout so that it would be easy to read.  If it is a web application, user interface plays a very important role.  You get the picture.  All the things I listed are part of any website, even the crumbiest ones.

Websites are like any beautiful things, it is not what parts they are made of, but how it all fits together.

For example

Look at Craigslist, it is an absolutely abhorrent design.  It looks outdated and bland.  A 6th grader could probably do a much better looking website.  Yet, Craigslist knows exactly who its target audience is: people looking to get some local deals.  For those people pretty colors and fancy animations would just get in the way.  They don’t have time to waste, they just want one thing.

Ok, now let’s move to e-commerce websites.  Look at a small home-made jewelry website, there are a lot of those for some reason.  It is all about the product photography.  In order to stand out, you need to engage your customers visually.   A lot of product close-ups from multiple angles, and models wearing them.  Don’t forget about fancy page decorations in the form of background colors and artistic graphics.  Product description also plays a huge role getting visitors to buy that jewelry item.  It will be a one of a kind, no one else will have it, etc.

It is subconscious

Websites have hidden messages in them.  As I said above, people will subconsciously form an opinion about your company based on their first impression.  So if your website says that you are selling unique products, your website better be unique also.  If your website is about finding local deals quickly, you better have a user interface and resource structure that enables just that.

Here at Webilect, we approach each project with this knowledge in mind.  All our work is custom made and fine-tuned for our clients’ needs.

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