Use Of Manufacturer’s Descriptions For Your Online Store

Written by Igor Lubinets

If you have an online store and you are tempted to take a shortcut and simply copy the product information from the manufacturer’s website, I implore you:

Don’t Do It!

The reason why I am so categorical about it is because it will hurt your SEO.  Google’s algorithm is set up to weed out duplicate or spammy content from the search results. It is fact, it is the law of Google bot.  By straight-up copying information from the manufacturer’s website, you are identifying yourself as SPAM.  The punishment is swift and ruthless — low page rank.  That might as well spell: d-e-a-t-h.  Death? Really?!  Yes, you heard me right.  Say goodbye to anybody ever finding you through organic Google search.  All you have left at that point is Pay-per-click campaign, or some social media trickery.

The Solution

But, as always, I can provide you with a solution.  (I’m good with those, by the way).

All you have to do to avoid or remedy this problem is the ability to paraphrase.

How so? A lot of times the manufacturer’s descriptions are pretty technical and involved and it is not easy to just sit down and write your own descriptions from scratch.  So my solution, is to simply paraphrase the heck out of it.  Make sure you are still presenting your product but try not to repeat it word for word.  Think of it as a fun exercise from your high-school days. Now, you don’t have to paraphrase everything.  You have to keep some terminology intact.  My rule is: it should be about 60% or more different from the original.

Also, just like with any SEO, you have to do your keyword research prior to writing your product descriptions.  Just use the Google Keyword Tool for that.  Once you identified your keywords, single or long-tail, paraphrase till it looks good.  Rinse and repeat.

The older content always wins.  Just because the manufacturer posted the description earlier than you, they will always win.  Even if you still rank, you will always rank lower.  By creating unique descriptions for the products, you become the first one to publish that particular content.  Even if someone copy cats you later, you still win.

Long-tail keyword tips

When a manufacturer creates product descriptions, they are often not worded how normal people speak.  You want to capture the people who are looking to “get rid of dark spots”, not people who are looking to “create uniform distribution of pigment”. By going with the first example, you will rank higher in the search engine results. People will visit your site first. And if you set up your shop the right way, will purchase from you first.

Stay tuned for more.  And if you need help with your on-line shop, let me know and I will be happy to help you.