Should a small business use website builders like SquareSpace?

Written by Igor Lubinets

Should a small business use website builders like SquareSpace and when is it appropriate to do so? This is a very good question.
I will try give you the reasons why you should or shouldn’t use it. But first let’s discover what SquareSpace is.

SquareSpace, is a website builder tool. It is a convenient way of building very simple and small websites. Geared towards people who don’t know much about creating web pages. You are presented with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, that is similar to using Microsoft Word or Google Writer App.

If you are looking to create a “5 page” website for your hobby or some single contact page, SquareSpace is pretty good for that. You just select your template, activate the editor, drag-and-drop your components, add some text, some pictures and you are good to go. Their templates are responsive and decent looking. What’s not to love?

However, there are two sides to that coin. Say, you created the web pages you needed, and everything is looking great. The site shows up properly on phones, tablets and desktops, text is looking good, pictures are where they should be. Great! That is until you decide that you want to add some functionality that their template doesn’t provide. You look around their website hoping to find that magic button to add what you need. But wait, it’s not there! What happened?

Well, SquareSpace like any other big company, tries to cater to a very wide audience when they create their templates. That means that they don’t have time or resources to go into specialized types of websites like yours. So, turns out that if you want to add a new section listing your products just the way you’d like it, you can’t.  That is until SquareSpace decides to add that feature later on. For now you’re stuck waiting.

You can create a support ticket requesting they add that to the future release and wait forever… Or you can sign up for their developer account and try to dig into their code to make it happen yourself. I don’t know about you, but I thought the whole point of services like SquareSpace was that you never had to touch any code?

Therein lies the dillemma: which one should you do?

Well, I’ve got your answer right here:

If you are looking to create a very simple and cheap 2 to 5 page website, by all means use SquareSpace-like builders. It might be just what you need. When you come to that point where you cannot fulfill your needs, then upgrade to something more flexible and substantial like WordPress or some other open-source solution. The trick to flexibility is going with non-proprietary, community driven software. The community members add new features all the time and you don’t have to beg SquareSpace to add it for you.

Here at Webilect, we love working with WordPress. When you feel you are ready to upgrade to a better solution that WordPress provides, contact me.  I’ll be happy to discuss your new options.