Isyour website bringing you new customers or getting new leads? Are you missing out?

Most businesses think that if their current website looks nice, that is good enough. As long as there is something up there, it is better than nothing. Right?

Yeshaving something is better than nothing. But, your website could be so much more than just good-enough! It is a great resource that needs to be used to the fullest. Webilect can help you turn your "good-enough" website into the ultimate customer-generating machine that you never realized you absolutely needed.
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Web Design Sacramento Businesses Can Count On

Web Design Process

Often people want to learn about Webilect's web design process.
I will gladly share that with you! Every new website project begins with our client. I trust that you know the ins and outs of your own business better than anyone else. Even if you don't know what your website should have, it is very helpful for me to know what your goals and expectations are. This process is called the discovery phase.

Now it is time for me to step in. I can put together a comprehensive plan of action. I don't just start laying out graphics, I approach it from the results-oriented perspective.

Taking into account what I learned from the discovery phase, I conduct the research, plan and strategize. I study your competition to see what is and isn't working for them. This includes search engine optimization (SEO), content organization and overall web design. A great deal of thought is given to user experience, making sure the most important information is easy to find.

After that I begin the design phase, where I lay out the structure of the future website, the logos, images, colors, typography, etc. Again, big emphasis is given to functionality.

Once these steps are complete, and everybody is happy with the layout and aesthetic, I begin to turn those designs into a fully functioning and fully developed website. Then I make sure the site is standards compliant and renders perfectly on every major device, before publishing it to the web.

I don't simply hand over the new website to my clients and wash my hands. Now we enter into the new phase, the maintenance phase. That simply means I give my clients a certain "warranty" window where they can still request minor alterations and tweaks at no additional cost. I will also help you find a proper hosting environment for your new website and can keep an eye on it to make sure everything is functioning properly.

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